In the Garden: Container arrangements

Published: May. 24, 2020 at 7:07 AM EDT
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Warm weather could be the perfect reason to get outside in your garden on Memorial Day Weekend.

Sharon Meyer and Charlie Nardozzi tell us how to make the perfect container arrangement in this week's In the Garden.

Sharon: Charlie it's time to plant the containers! It's my favorite time of the year. It's like instant gratification.

Charlie: It is. So last week it was vegetables, this week, I've done a little shopping!

Sharon: Yes you have!

Charlie: For flowers! Look at them all. So what I want to show you is different plant combinations you can actually put together. And there's lots of different ways to match colors of flowers with colors of the foliage. So first of all, you can get all kinds of cool containers. Look at this one I found, a metal pot.

Sharon: That's neat.

Charlie: Just got to put some holes in the bottom and you'll be all set. But this is a really nice one, this is that polymer resin that is really lightweight. It looks like a metal urn, but really it isn't because you can see how lightweight it is.

Sharon: It's nice to be able to move it around, yeah.

Charlie: Exactly. So, as far as putting things together, there's all kinds of ways to do this. You should do things that really suit you. I like to match plants that have similar foliage and flower colors, so this is one called Persian Shield. And this is really cool because it has purple leaves but it has kind of a little pink in there too. So, I would put these two together and you can kind of see when you match them together that it pulls out the pink. Not bad huh?

Sharon: Not bad Charlie.

Charlie: I learned a few things over the years. This is a beautiful annual dianthus. Look at the color in that and this nice kind of rosey color in the middle and this is a plant called Lizard Leaf. Look at how that purple leaf of the celosia and the dianthus center kind of go together. Kind of nice you know? You can mix and match these together and then bring in something like this dichondra which is a nice silver foliage plant that would go over the edge and that's a nice neutral plant to have in this situation.

Sharon: That will go with anything.

Charlie: Now that I've got them all potted up, I take good care of them and feed them.

Sharon: That's something I learned the hard way, I always water my pots but I wasn't very good about feeding them and it turns out it makes a big difference.

Charlie: It does. If you put a little liquid fertilizer in every time you water, it’ll keep them going strong. Or you can use time release fertilizer too.