In the Garden: Functional plant containers

Published: Apr. 26, 2019 at 1:59 PM EDT
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It's still too early to plant many things, but you can plant in a container. Charlie Nardozzi shows us how to plant a container that is functional as well as beautiful.

Sharon Meyer: Alright Charlie, I see you've collected up some of my favorite things.

Charlie Nardozzi: Ah. it's spring and everyone wants to plant something. And if you don't have a garden to plant in, why not plant in a container? And you can do containers in lots of different ways. I created this vegetable, herb and flower container -- that's all good for cool season plants this time of year.

Sharon Meyer: And you can always bring it in if you have to.

Charlie Nardozzi: Exactly. So first we're going to start with rosemary -- ah the smell of rosemary. We're going to put that right in the center, and you can help me if you want. We're going to dig a little hole -- we're not shy, it's just potting soil. We'll just pop it right in the center there, and that's going to be our center piece plant. And then we're going to alternate pansies, and this red-leafed lettuce all around it. Pansies of course love the cool weather, you can just pop a few in there.

Sharon Meyer: I'll do this side.

Charlie Nardozzi: There you go. And then the lettuce, of course, will do well. This can even take a light frost, so if you forget about it, leave it outside during the cooler evenings, you'll have this beautiful pot growing. Now the other nice thing about this is, as you harvest the lettuce and the pansy flowers -- which of course are edible -- they will slowly go down as it gets warmer and warmer. And the rosemary will get bigger, so by mid-summer you'll have no more lettuce, no more pansies, but a beautiful rosemary plant in the middle that you can use for roasting potatoes.

Sharon Meyer: Oh I love them in potatoes, I love rosemary yes.

Charlie Nardozzi: Now if you want to just do it by individual plant, like this mint for example, you can get these cool little metal containers. And what's nice about these is they have these little plugs in the bottom so you can put them in a window sill, or if you put them outside, pull the plug out so the water drains out.

Sharon Meyer: There are a lot of cool little containers out there, yes.

Charlie Nardozzi: Exactly, so this could be right on the window sill for you so you can add it to your mojitos, when you are having your beautiful party with all of your beautiful vegetables.

Sharon Meyer: With your rosemary potatoes.

Charlie Nardozzi: Exactly!

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