In the Garden: Gardening with containers

Published: Apr. 12, 2020 at 9:17 AM EDT
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The weather is getting warmer, and with so much time being spent at home, now is as good a time as any to get that garden going. If you're looking for a bit of landscaping inspiration, look to Sharon Meyer and Charlie Nardozzi.

Sharon: Charlie, a lot of these containers, they're just really artistic.

Charlie: Yeah, it's beautiful what professionals can do with containers and we always get intimidated, because we think, 'I could never do that.' But there's a few tips to keep in mind when you're putting together a flower container, whether it be a big pot like this on the ground or even a hanging basket. So first of all, think about the container plants, not just for the flowers, but for the foliage and textures too. With this one that's right in front of us, we have beautiful caladium leaves, sweet potato leaves, and coleus. All of these add color through the season without having to rely on the flowers.

Sharon: But look at this texture, too.

Charlie: Yeah, this is a papyrus. It's kind of a cool plant and it's very airy and very hairy. It has a kind of different look to it versus these solid leaves that you have right next to them. When you're selecting the flowers think about tall flowers like this canna lily. It's a nice one to put in a pot. Match it with short flowers. Plants that will cascade over the edge like scaevola is or calibrachoa. There's a lot of different examples of those plants.

Sharon: It really kind of fills everything out.

Charlie: Yes. You want what we call the "thriller filler and spiller" effect. You want plants at different levels, so it really makes a big performance in the pot as well. And then you can think about color schemes. That's always something that gets into people's head. They think "I can't figure out all the colors". There are some good examples here. They have one that's really a red color. It's really bright, and a great one for Valentine's day. Or you can have something that has a little more growth.

Sharon: Look at that dark one over there.

Charlie: Yeah, they're going with the burgundy colors and something simple. I like that. The nice pastels in this container give you pinks, yellows and that salmon colored caladium.

Sharon: I like this one, which is just pink and green basically.

Charlie: Green's a color too, right? And it has a nice airiness to it with this grass on top. So start playing around plants. You go to a garden center and get a bunch of different flowers, put them together, see what looks good, and then go from there.

Sharon: Put them in your cart, if it doesn't look good, put one back and then replace it.

Charlie: Exactly. And there’s all different colors and textures to choose from. So get something you like, then go with it.