In the Garden: Keeping raspberries healthy

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Until the frost arrives, many are enjoying the bounties of their gardens these final days of September. Charlie Nardozzi has some tips on what to do to keep raspberries healthy.

Sharon Meyer: How great you have raspberries this late in the year.

Charlie Nardozzi: Yes, fall raspberries. Rasberries are nice because you can get them in the summer and you can get them again in the fall depending on the varieties that you have.

Sharon Meyer: So you need to plant two kinds to keep them coming.

Charlie Nardozzi: If you want both, yes. Now the other thing you need to do with raspberries this time of year is to prune them. Most people don't think about pruning raspberries into September, but this is an easy time of year to tell what to prune and what not to prune, because the dead stuff you take out. So take a look at your summer-bearing raspberry patch and if you see anything that's brown bark and it's dead or it's dying on the top, you are just going to cut that out right down to the ground. You want to keep the nice greens -- stemmed ones -- because those are the ones that will produce for you next summer. Now that's how you do summer bearing raspberries, but these fall berries you have another option. You can prune them the same way, or you can just cut the whole thing down in the fall after you are done eating them all. And what will happen is that the canes that come up are called the prima canes -- the first year canes. They're the ones that form all of these berries. And now, if you just leave them there and they come back a second year, they'll form a second year of berries in the summer. So whenever you are pruning, prune it in the summer or late summer whenever you see the dead canes, and that's all you really need to do to keep your raspberries healthy.