In the Garden: Plants to add color to the season, and all year long

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) We all love to bring in some greenery for the holidays, but garden expert Charlie Nardozzi has some ideas for some plants that will add color to the season and last through the year.

Sharon Meyer: It's the holiday season. And it's a great time to bring new greenery into your house. It's so white and gray and brown outside.

Charlie Nardozzi: Yes, and red is a big color this time of year. Poinsettias come in all different shades of red and different variations, but if you want something a little bit different and maybe something that will last longer than a poinsettia, try the antherium. That's what these are. These are a foliage house plant and what they've done through breeding, is they've created so many different colors. Look at these burgundy ones.

Sharon Meyer: I usually think of them as just being red.

Charlie Nardozzi: Yes, exactly -- the traditional red, but there's orange, there's yellow, there's a deep burgundy.

Sharon Meyer: I've never seen that one before, yes.

Charlie Nardozzi: There's a nice pink colored one here. And the great thing about these, is all you need is bright, indirect light. So they can grow as a house plant indoors, and they'll flower on and off, and these actually aren't the flowers, these are modified leaves. But they'll flower on and off all through the season. So they are a nice one to have for the holidays, because they can really brighten up and get you that red color you are looking for.

Sharon Meyer: And then keep them right through the winter.

Charlie Nardozzi: And keep them right through the winter... well forever. And if you want something a little bit smaller for a table top, how about some hot peppers. I like edibles -- you know I like eating things. So you have a hot pepper and then you have winter berries. Both of those you can buy at garden centers and put them as a little center piece on the table. So if you get a little peckish there, or maybe the food is a little bland, you can throw a couple of hot peppers in. And it's a nice decoration too.