In the Garden: Indoor succulents

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) It would be nice to be in the Southwest right about now. Succulents are hot and that's what we see in front of us and all around us. These are different kinds of succulent plants. To be used as houseplants! People love them. They are growing them all over the place and the garden centers are filled with them.

Are they easy? Well, it depends. Certain succulents do much better in our climate as houseplants than others. For example, you want to get the green succulents if you are growing in this Northern climate indoors. Ones like Haworthia, Gasteria, some different kinds of aloes and even the jade plant will do well in our climate. You want to stay away from succulents and the cacti that have a lot of color on them, like these Echeverias and these colorful cacti. They need more light than they are going to get indoors in winter unless you are going to grow them under a grow light. That would be a way to have those.

So selecting the right ones is important. If you get one of these Echeverias with these beautiful purple and red leaves on them and you don't give them enough light, they get leggy and they flop over.

What's nice about succulents is they are slow growing and they fit in little containers. I put a couple of them out here like these beautiful little Hawthorias. You can see they have little spiky tops on them and they fit nicely in this little teak container. That's beautiful!

You can get a little birch container for a holiday theme or you can just use a regular pot. The key is to have something shallow, something that has good drainage, and something that will have good soil that will drain really well, such as a cactus soil. A regular potting soil mixed with some bark in it works well, too. You don't want to over water these. That's the key thing.

You do want to water succulents, but when you water them water thoroughly, then let them really dry out, and then water them thoroughly again. They really like that cycle as opposed to misting them every day. And once you have them all set and happy, keep them in a cool place. They will be beautiful all winter, and then for your houseplant forever!