International festival brings the world to Vermont

Published: Dec. 6, 2019 at 4:31 AM EST
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The Champlain Valley Expo is hosting the 27th annual Vermont International Festival.

This year there are more than 60 vendors With crafts, furniture, food, and music from all over the world.

The festival features an assortment of items for sale by vendors from origami, to coats, hats, and even hand-made travel baskets.

"They are very durable they can last more than fifteen years, I have so many people that they bought my basket for the past ten years, twelve years, they're still using it," vendor Allen Sackey said.

Northern Studios event coordinator Morgan Doherty says the best items for sale are the foods from around the world.

"I'm a huge foodie so I just love being able to walk around the food booths and just be out, and be able to try a little bit of everything," Doherty said, but she says it takes a long time to get ready for the festival. "This is something, basically shortly after we end the festival, we just start planning it all over again."

"I get excited about it every year but it's also, so stressful and crazy leading up to it, I'm working so many hours and trying to, do everything at once," Vermont Performing Arts League event coordinator Stephanie Shohet said.

Buth women say it's all worth it when the festival begins.

"Somehow it comes together and it's, it's always fantastic even though you wonder how is this going to work and then it just does," Shohet said. "Seeing people that I only see once a year whether they're the craft vendors or the food vendors or the visitors, it's great."

Vermonters agree.

"My initial take is that it's really magical and it's really exciting," Burlington resident Theresa Yoon said. "It helps raise awareness and, like build a closer community and understanding other cultures."

The Vermont International Festival will continue throughout the weekend. The festival will have two showcases on Saturday, and one final showcase on Sunday.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for kids and seniors.

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