Investigators probe Northern NY train derailment

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HOOSICK, N.Y. (WCAX) Cleanup is underway near the Vermont-New York border after a train jumped its tracks. It happened Wednesday in Hoosick.

"Last night it was complete devastation. You had cars that were intermingled with one another, I guess is the best way to put it. Today, that's not the case," said Ray Davis, the hazardous materials coordinator for Rensselaer County.

Roads will remain closed but officials say the scene is secure. Five train cars derailed Wednesday night. Three were carrying propane. Investigators walked the entire length of the 79-car line in the dark.

"They've already removed most of them and we're moving forward," Davis said.

"We will right the cars first, then offload them. They need to be righted in order to facilitate 100 percent offloading," said Selden Houghton, vice president of the Vermont Rail System.

With daylight, came the start of the investigation into what happened. Officials with the Vermont Rail System, who operate the line with Pan Am Railways, say the cars were traveling a walking speed, only 5-6 mph.

"When you look at the geographies and soft ground, it doesn't take much to end up with the situation like this," Houghton said.

Homes in the area were briefly evacuated but no leaks were reported and no one was injured.