Investigators still trying to determine cause of Barre granite shed blaze

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BARRE, Vt. (WCAX) Investigators in Barre are still trying to figure out what caused a functioning granite shed to burn to the ground Saturday.

Multiple fire crews responded to the blaze on Boynton Street around 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon. Electricity was turned off for dozens of homes in the area and water pressure was reduced due to the volume of water being used by hoses. Crews remained at the scene for hours.

"We left last night, the last time about one o'clock in the morning. And we were back about 7:30 this morning I think, to extinguish some hot spots," said Barre City Fire Chief Doug Brent.

Investigators spent most of Saturday sifting through what's left of the granite shed, but have made no determinations as to what caused the fire.

"The building is pretty much to the ground, I mean there's some standing members but it's, it looks like a total, total loss to me," said Barre City Manager Steve Mackenzie.

Mackenize says he could see smoke from miles away on Saturday and says the building is a loss that's a heavy blow to the area. "Not only is it tragic for the owner and the employees of the company, every loss is a loss to the city," he said. And that's especially true in a community with deep roots in the granite industry. "Granite manufacturing is part of the fabric of the community, losing that is just one more rip, one more, one more piece."

Officials will continue to work the scene to try and figure out what sparked the blaze. "There's lots of pieces to the puzzle to put together and speak to the owners and things, and all the different things we need to put together to find the smoking gun, if you will," said Chief Brent.