It's official! Middlesex in the book for world's biggest s'more

Published: Jul. 3, 2020 at 4:18 PM EDT
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Middlesex is officially in the Guinness World Records book for the world's largest s'more!

The wacky record attempt happened back on Dec. 28 at Camp Meade.

About 1,000 people showed up for a community celebration centered around a massive campfire treat!

Their record-breaking s'more was 5 feet by 8 feet and weighed in at 343 pounds. It was made of homemade marshmallows from Monarch and the Milkweed, Nutty Steph's chocolate, and graham crackers made by Red Hen Bakery.

The goal of the event was to bring people together to connect. And the group organizing it told us this is a win for everyone.

"To get this news-- which is fun and light and shows the value of just bringing people together and having fun-- I think is just great. It's super. It's funny. It's hilarious. It's like there's the world, there's the world's largest s'more-- and next to it is Middlesex," said Russ Bennett of Planetary Matters.

This was actually their second try. They did a massive s'more back in 2018, too, but were too late to submit everything to the record book.

Bennett says they probably won't be doing it again unless someone tries to break their record.