Judge orders girlfriend of murdered NEK man to remain in jail

Published: Nov. 19, 2018 at 4:25 PM EST
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A federal judge has ordered the girlfriend of a man murdered in the Northeast Kingdom to remain in jail after she requested to be released to go into drug rehab.

Krystal Whitcomb was the girlfriend of Michael Pimental, the man who was found shot to death by the side of a road in Concord, Vermont last month. Whitcomb has been indicted on federal gun possession charges. Her father, Shawn Whitcomb, also faces drug distribution charges, and both have been questioned in the state's investigation into the death of Pimental.

Both Whitcombs initially requested to be released from jail and put into drug rehabilitation programs. Shawn later withdrew that request, but Monday an attorney for Krystal tried to make the case for her to enter a program. But the judge called Whitcomb a danger to the community after the government presented evidence that connects both Whitcombs to the death of Pimental.

Court documents show both admitted to some involvement in the death. Now, prosecutors say there is video evidence that Krystal Whitcomb bought the same type of ammunition used to killed Pimental just days before the murder. Prosecutors also say that in an eight hour interview with police, she cites domestic abuse in her relationship with Pimental. Officials say she was consistent in that interview and that she asked her father for help in dealing with the abuse, saying, "I need me gone, or him gone," and "I want s__t to be done." Authorities say Shawn responded: "I'll take care of it."

Krystal Whitcomb was inconsistent in saying who pulled the trigger to kill Pimental. A third person is also said to be involved, but prosecutors would not comment on who that is or their involvement.

Pimental's blood was found in the back of his own car. Krystal Whitcomb was a passenger in that car the same day Pimentals' body was discovered.

Vermont State Police say they are waiting on forensic analysis and say it's too early in the investigation to label the Whitcombs as suspects.