Keeping water pipes warm this winter

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) The current arctic temperatures and warmer temperatures on the way make the perfect recipe for burst pipes.

Water damage restoration company, Puroclean, said it saw more freeze ups last year than in the previous 14 years. The company said it responded to about 60 burst pipes in the Chittenden and Franklin County areas alone.

Monica Chapman, Vice President of Development at Puroclean, joined Channel 3 live in studio to talk about pipe maintenance.

How to prevent frozen pipes:
- Open cabinets for exposed pipes
- Run water at a drip
- Insulate even if it’s only newspaper
- Landlords should inform tenants of cold spell concerns

If your pipes freeze:
- Cover with warm towel
- Turn on space heater
- Blow dry
- Leave faucets on
- Don't use an open flame, including blow torches (Puroclean sees four to five fires a year caused by people trying to thaw their pipes with an open flame)

What to do when they burst:
- Stop the water source
- Clean up the water that you can see (30% usually visible, 70% hidden)
- Protect furniture
- Call restoration company for proper dry out