Kid Rock gets the middle finger from Vermont

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WCAX) Kid Rock got the middle finger from Vermont! It's actually a giant carving of a middle finger.

Kid Rock, the middle finger sculpture and Ted Pelkey-Courtesy: Ted Pelkey

The sculpture is a replica of the one on Ted Pelkey's property off Route 128 in Westford. Pelkey erected the statue to make a statement in a dispute with the town.

When rock star Kid Rock spotted the giant gesture, he said he had to have one and called Pelkey to find out how he could get one.

Pelkey contacted the artist, who agreed to make another one for the rocker. And Pelkey decided to deliver it in person. So he wrapped it up in plastic, put it in his truck and set out for Nashville, Tennessee.

And mission accomplished! Pelkey sent us this picture of himself, Kid Rock and the infamous middle finger.