Kids on the ups and downs of schools being closed for coronavirus

Published: Mar. 27, 2020 at 4:56 PM EDT
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Vermont kids haven't been going to their physical school for a while now, so our Olivia Lyons reached out to some families to see what their students have been doing.

Reporter Olivia Lyons: You're not in school...

Madeline Rose/Sixth-grader: Sadly.

After Madeline's schooling, she goes for a hike and then FaceTimes with her friends. They've created their own games.

"We were doing song name charades," Madeline said. "So we would think of a song name and then try to act out the song."

Jack Racine, a kindergartner, and Tristan Racine, a third-grader, have been taking advantage of our weather. They said they did some of the work outside just to have fun.

Hunter Tiraboschi, a fourth-grader, described his typical day.

"So first doing religion and schoolwork, outside, more homework, then outside again and keep playing," Hunter said.

The common consensus is getting outside is fun, but only being with family isn't always a good time.

Tory Meigs/Fourth-grader: Sometimes hanging out with family too much is...

Paige Meigs/First-grader: Boring.

Tory Meigs: Yeah, definitely boring.

Paige Meigs: You're like, yay, we're going to hang out with our family and then more days and it's just boring.

Carson Meigs/Sixth-grader: Ughhh.

Being newly homeschooled does come with some advantages.

Tory Meigs: We get our work done a lot easier.

Carson Meigs: At school, you know that you can't just walk outside, playing or whatever.

Tory Meigs: You also get like double the recess.

Paige Meigs: And it's much easier because there isn't 18 people, there's only three people and it's easier more to work.

"If you don't need an hour on a class, you can just do it in the time you need and move on," Madeline said.

This format of schooling gives Madeline more time to be creative.

"I started because I got really bored and went on Pinterest," she said.

Each kid is a little different, but for the most part, most say they miss being with their friends and being at their actual school.

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