Killington seeing surge in property sales

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KILLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Buying homes in the Killington area has been as popular as heading to the Audi FIS World Cup this weekend, and real estate agents around the area say they have never been more busy.

"This just never slowed down, so it's been about a year and half of steady, just continuing to grow and so its been a lot of fun, a little hectic, but fun." says Heidi Bomengen, who owns Prestige Real Estate in Killington. "It's been a great, great year, it was a long time coming cause the market kinda fell back in 2008, and we've been waiting for a long time for that come back and it started about a year and a half ago in July."

She tells us that the world cup has drawn a lot of attention to Killington in the past few months; however, it isn't the only thing driving real estate in the area. She says another big selling point is lower property value than other Vermont ski areas. "When people look at various areas and come here, they say, 'wow, I can still buy something for two-hundred or two-hundred and fifty dollars a square foot, instead of five or six or seven-hundred dollars a square foot."

The area has also meant a lot of happy buyers as well, the Real Estate market in Killington hasn't just been profitable for Real Estate agents, buyers say the location is ideal for owning or leasing a home to out-of-town visitors. One woman who now owns two properties in Killington, Kristin Zajac, tells us that there really isn't any other place in the Northeast like Killington. "I looked at all the different areas around New England, from beach to mountain to countryside, and I just ended up finding that Killington has the most to offer year-round."

Zajac bought two properties in Killington over the past year. She's renovated both homes to rent out to guests. "Here, I'm offering a new type of location that has a little bit less to be updated bur really has kind of a rustic charm," she says.

Bomengen has told us that property in Killington will most likely become more expensive as the area becomes more developed in the next few years.