Lawmakers hear OneCare Vermont testimony

Published: Nov. 5, 2019 at 12:19 AM EST
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OneCare Vermont has a proposed $1.3 billion budget. Lawmakers heard from healthcare regulators and OneCare leadership about why it wants a spending increase. The company is a coalition of hospitals and doctors, and it's looking to grow the all-payer model.

OneCare Vermont is looking to expand healthcare access, chronic care management, and suicide prevention.

The state's all-payer model looks to save money in the long run by having people go to the doctor on a regular basis instead of when they need emergency treatment, but healthcare regulators say it's too soon tell.

They also say there are misconceptions about why OneCare is a for-profit company.

"The reality is that it's government regulation that requires it to be a for-profit company so we can actually have providers be the majority part of the board and make it successful," Green Mountain Care Board Kevin Mullin said. "This is a coalition of the willing, nobody's been forced into this coalition."

Currently, there are 160,000 people enrolled in OneCare, and the group wants to grow that number to 250,000.

State regulators will vote on OneCare's final budget plan in December.