Leahy, Sanders present $3M grant for at-risk families

Published: Dec. 11, 2017 at 4:05 PM EST
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A new grant will help keep at-risk families together in Burlington and Newport.

Senators Sanders and Leahy were at the Lund Center for Monday's announcement. The $3 million grant will help establish the Vermont Family Recovery Project, a program to keep families together and kids out of protective custody.

Senator Leahy says this is a crucial step to meeting the growing need for case management and support services. "Frankly, I would rather spend the money on that than on the Mexican boarder that won't do a darn thing to help us. This money and what you are doing Lund will help us," Sen. Leahy said.

"I relapsed on heroin just before the holidays that year and I overdosed -- first time. It's only because the services and support that I received prior to this and a higher power that I was able to call Lund and tell them I was in trouble," said Kelly Breeyear, a Lund client.

The grant targets Burlington and Newport because they have the highest number of at-risk kids in the state. These kids are not in state custody, but do have open DCF cases. The goal is to intervene early so they aren't required to go into protective custody. Leahy says Lund won this competitive grant because it has a track record of proven success.