Leahy: Trump acquittal 'beyond outrageous'

Published: Feb. 5, 2020 at 5:55 PM EST
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Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy gave a floor speech Wednesday afternoon urging his Republican colleagues to vote to convict President Trump.

The 45-year veteran of the Senate called the impeachment trial a sham and the decision not to call witnesses "beyond outrageous."

"It's often said that history is watching. I expect that's true. At this moment we are not merely witnesses to history, we're writing it," Leahy said. "If we acquit President Trump today, what will he do tomorrow? Well, two things I'm confident of. President Trump's willingness to abuse his office, his eagerness to exploit foreign interference in our elections will only grow and Congress' capacity to do anything about it will be crippled."

Leahy was also one of those senators tasked with escorting Chief Justice John Roberts from the Senate chambers at the conclusion of the impeachment trial.