Leahy: Trump immigration comments 'breathtakingly offensive'

WASHINGTON (WCAX) President Donald Trump is under fire for what he allegedly said during an immigration meeting with lawmakers.

The Associated Press reports that the President used foul language when questioning why the U.S. should allow people to come here from certain countries he finds undesirable.

The news prompted a swift reaction from Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy on Twitter. Vermont's senior Senator called it "Breathtakingly offensive."

Senator Bernie Sanders also weighed in on the president's alleged remarks.

"It's not just to respond in anger, it's to build a political movement in this country that says that is not who we are. We we will not tolerate that type of moral inadequacy, and we are going to create a very different America and get back to the values that help make us a great nation," Sanders said.

He says parents all over the country are teaching their kids not to judge others by where they come from and that the President is telling the country he doesn't follow that lesson.