Leahy: Vermont workers suffering in federal shutdown

WASHINGTON (WCAX) Not surprisingly, most of the discussion in the Senate Thursday had to do with the ongoing government shutdown.

Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy is vice chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee and helped shepherd bipartisan spending bills through the Senate last year, only to have them cut down by the president's insistence on a border wall.

Leahy talked about Vermonters affected by the shutdown and shared the story of a Navy veteran who now works for the government and doesn't know what to say to the people he supervises.

"I've run out of words to tell the 15 employees who work for me when they ask how they're supposed to pay for food, heat, electricity for their families here in Vermont. Keep in mind, the weather in Vermont is projected to drop well below zero this weekend," said Leahy, D-Vermont.

This is already the second-longest government shutdown in history. Saturday it would become the longest.