Local artist hides rainbow-painted owl to support LGBTQ community

Published: Jun. 24, 2019 at 6:10 AM EDT
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The hunt is on for a piece of art that mixes Vermont's wildlife and a political message.

People are looking for a wooden owl that has the Pride rainbow spray painted on it.

Local artist D.J. Barry wants to bring back the chase.

"You know, we don't discover a lot now, everything is here in front of you. There's no hunt any more," said Barry.

The Middlesex artist likes to make people work to get his art. This time, they'll be looking high and low for this owl. It's part of the lost and found project, where the colorful bird combines a political message that supports the LGBTQ community with Barry's appreciation for Vermont's wildlife.

"Whether or not there's a resemblance to the spirit of the animal and pride I'm not sure, but together they make a very powerful strong image," said Barry.

The owl will remain in the spot until someone finds it. He did provide a clue. Barry says the owl is hidden at the clearest lake in the Northeast Kingdom.

If you're lucky enough to find it and bring it home, Barry says it will definitely be a talking piece.

"I would like it to be somewhere in the house giving off this very good, positive vibe," said Barry.

He says the owl already has hardware on it and is ready to be hung up on the wall.

If you do find it, the message on the back says: "This artwork is free under one condition -- you promise to do one good thing for the world."

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