Local legislators talk climate policy priorities

Published: Dec. 10, 2019 at 12:01 AM EST
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Discussions about how to best tackle the climate crisis are continuing across Vermont.

The Climate Solutions Caucus has been hosting a series of conversations about climate policy priorities in the 2020 legislative session.

On Monday, they hosted the 17th talk at Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School in South Burlington.

Local legislators took questions from the public on the bold action they want to take next year.

Some of those policies include the Global Warming Solutions Act and 100% renewable energy standard.

"The reason why we want to get out and have these conversations with our neighbors is that we want everybody to feel like they had an opportunity to give us their best idea and to share with us there concerns because a lot of the changes that are coming leave us with a lot of uncertainty," said Sarah Copelandhanzas, the co-chair of the Legislative Climate Solutions Caucus. "We need to know that we're doing that back and forth with Vermonters so that we're all in this together."

Another talk is scheduled in West Newbury Tuesday night, and another on in Charlotte next Monday.