Lost wedding ring found a year later

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COLCHESTER, Vt. (WCAX) When a storm hits, Eric Lemery leads the field operations at Green Mountain Power. He travels around the region and leads crews while they are working around the clock, something which can keep him away from his wife and kids.

In March, Brattleboro needed the lights back on and Lemery was there.

"It was a very small storm; it was a one-day event," he said.

He was then dispatched to New York. But while getting ready to head to out, he noticed something was missing.

"I realized, where the heck is my wedding ring?" Lemery said.

He looked everywhere.

"Literally on my hands and knees walking around the office trying to find it. Looking under everything I could find trying to look for it, I just couldn't find it," Lemery said.

It was then time to call his wife of nine years to tell her not only was he not coming home right away but he lost his ring.

"Definitely a little silence on the other end of the phone," Lemery said.

"To hear that he lost it was so heartbreaking. You know, it's symbolic," his wife, Natalie, said.

Months went by and the missing ring got pushed to the backs of their minds. But after a winter storm hit Brattleboro again last week, it had Lemery heading back to the location where he lost the ring.

"Yeah, I'm like, 'Last time I was here I lost my wedding ring,' just on a passing conversation with people," Lemery said.

That's when he ran into fellow GMP employee Dave Ward. Ward said a few months ago he found a ring in the parking lot, threw it in his change drawer and forgot about it.

"He had it sitting in his truck for five months-- just sitting in his truck," Lemery said.

Later that day, Ward gave Lemery the ring, dinged up from plows and Mother Nature. Lemery immediately sent a picture to his wife, who said she was overwhelmed with joy.

"You know, he has been sitting next to him all week and there it is. I just started crying," she said.

Eric and Natalie still can't believe it!

"I literally never thought I would ever see it again," Eric said. "I thought it was gone and I would never find it."

Natalie likes to think that fate intervened.

"It felt like we were supposed to be together," she said.