Made In Vermont : Secure Shade Inc

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WILLISTON, Vt. Bright eyed and eager to learn ...kindergartners at Allenbrook School in Williston are ready for art class.

What these innocent kids are not ready for is tragedy.

With school shootings like at Columbine and Sandy Hook on the rise in the US schools are faced with a new dilemma preparing for an active shooter situation.

"There's alot of risks at school today," said John Terko, Allenbrook School Principal.

Today, emergency protocol drills are practiced several times a year.

"Quiet, no lights, doors are all locked the person would have a hard time finding any of them," said Terko.

Allenbrook is the first school in the nation to try out a new tool. Designed to add an extra level of protection in the event of a school shooting.

These are Secure Shades.

With the push of a button, and the help of WIFI, all of the shades in the entire school can close in an instant.

Then, the front office, principal and first responders are all notified of the emergency situation.

With details of the exact location of where the system was activated.

"This is to slow things down, create cover, interrupt the thought process of the person who's the threat and give police a little more time to get on the scene," said Gordon Clements of Secure Shade Inc.

Clements of Gordon's Window Decor came up with the concept after experiencing tragedy close to home.

"10 years-ago there was a shooting at Essex Elementary," said Clements.

A friend of his died that day.

"That has haunted me ever since, that image or her, " said Clements, "I always imagine myself in that classroom with all those windows and someone at the window with a gun and wow...what do you do."

What Clements did, was build the after market system that can be retro fitted to any shade.

Still in the early stages each one is hand built. Secure Shade is looking to crowd funding to raise one-million-dollars to streamline production and get the prototypes in schools across the country.

"I think it's a fabulous idea, anyway we can protect our kids and be on top of it in a fast way this is a great way to go," said Principal Terko.

Made in Vermont shades... that help buy time when every second matters.