Made In Vermont: The Movie

Published: Jun. 23, 2019 at 10:25 AM EDT
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Vermont has been the backdrop for many films, but now one group of actors is putting Vermont in the spotlight.

The actors are from Vermont and it was written and shot throughout Vermont. Since May 2013, they've been shooting a movie aptly titled "Made in Vermont."

"I've started a very small thing and it's taken on a life of its own," said J. Louis Reid, an actor in the project

The movie is about Vermonters making a movie about Vermont, all the while, someone is making a movie about them.

"The plot is mine, but the words are everybody else's. The writing of the play itself is really a wonderful collaboration with people," said Roger Strauss, an actor and screenwriter for the project.

"My mission-- and I think the team shares it-- is to build community," said Lonnie Poland, a producer and actor.

And the community has been very supportive of this zero-budget venture, allowing the cast and crew to film in various locations throughout the state. From the Burlington DMV to an old jail in Chester to scenes at the Backstage in Essex Junction.

"The people who provided the locations, who volunteered the food or whatever, we're all Vermont and I guess that's our focus," said Reid.

The bar scenes in Essex Junction happen toward the start of the movie when we're still getting to know the characters.

"Vinny and Maggie are announcing their engagement. So, we had a group toast," Poland said.

"May the success in love be mirrored by the success of our film!" Reid said. "I think I'm supposed to be the voice of reason, maybe a little bit cynical."

"My character is the kind of the dark energy character. I could care less about the movie, I just want to do it to see if I can get her interested in me again," Strauss said.

There's one character you may recognize.

"I think you rocked the bartender role, Scott. There's a lot of talent here, just so thrilled to always watch people just show their stuff," Poland said.

"Vermont is known for getting together and doing lots of things in the community. I think all of us are acting like good Vermonters," Strauss said.

When it comes to showing these people's passion and love for the state, there's no acting needed.