MiVT: 4 Paws Country Treats

Published: May. 27, 2019 at 2:17 PM EDT
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This is what you call a merry Christmas. Christmas is Carol Reinders' latest rescue pup. Right now, she has three of them.

"We have Snoodle Dee and Sneaky Eeky," Reinders said.

making all natural dog treats with no additives.

"I just wanted to start them out on the right foot," Reinders said.

She researched human foods that are healthy for dogs and grows many of the ingredients, like green beans and sweet potatoes, in her garden.

"We started to make them for our friends' dogs and they liked them, and then I started to do craft shows and they were a hit at craft shows," Reinders said.

The treats, available in 12 different flavors, are made in Reinders' Jeffersonville kitchen two to three times a week.

"The key is to get them to the right consistency," she said.

She does this by leaving them in the oven overnight at a very low temperature.

"That gives them that crunch that the dogs like," she explained.

Over the last few months, Reinders has been working on doggie birthday cakes. They come in three flavors right now: carrot, blueberry and cranberry.

"The muffins, they go crazy for that because that's just like a human muffin and it's like, 'I've got something here that I'm not supposed to have,' yet it's OK for them," Reinders said.

The birthday cakes go for about $5 each, her bag of treats are $3. On top of various craft shows, orders can be filled through 4 Paws Country Treats website and Facebook page. Reinders does donate cookies once a month to VT Dog Rescue.

"It's nice to see the dogs come off the transport bus," she said. "They're happy and you know they've got a nice start of a wholesome treat."

It's kind of like Christmas coming early. This Christmas, like many other dogs, can't stop snacking on these fresh treats.

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