Making a differences with mums

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JERICHO, Vt. "I go apple-picking I go berry picking and now I'm going mum picking," says Kara Brochu of Hinesburg.

Off of Cilley Road in Jericho, this gardener opens up her fields every fall. But this is a unique sight. Ann Squires grows these mums in a non-traditional way.

"We just put them in the ground, water them and fertilize them and they grow," says Squires.

Most mums today are grown in pots inside greenhouses -- not like these.

"They are not difficult to grow but it does take time to hoe between them to Weed them," says Squires.

Squires and her husband are also pumped about pumpkins and hold a festival every year. The pumpkins they grow vary in size from the small to the outrageous. But to pay for these orange squashes they need the multi-colored mums.

"That got expensive so I had to find a way to pay for it so I started growing mums," says Squires.

Squires sells these mums at a cheap price all for the pumpkin festival in the fall.

"They are all fine- I like big round ones. That's what i like," says Squires.

"It seems most of them are big round ones," says Ike.

"Most of them are big round ones here. I get after them if they don't do that," she says.

And for the customers that are needing or just wanting mums, they keep coming back

"It's amazing it's so wonderful it's so Vermont," says Brochu.