Man with cracked windshield urges drivers to get ice off their cars

Published: Nov. 18, 2019 at 6:09 AM EST
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A Colchester man is urging drivers to clean the ice off their cars after a chunk from someone else's car smashed his windshield last week.

Christopher Corcoran says it happened while he was driving on Interstate 89 south Friday morning. He says he saw the ice fly toward him, but he couldn't swerve out of the way to avoid it.

Vermont law currently does not require drivers to clean off their entire cars, just the windshield and windows.

Corcoran says there should be some type of penalty.

"A monetary fine, a couple of points on the license maybe would be a stiff enough penalty for people to take an extra couple of minutes to clean their cars off," he said.

He says he filed an insurance claim and it will cost $400 to replace the windshield. He says the other driver is being held responsible.

Drivers in New Hampshire are required by law to clear snow and ice off their cars before getting on the road.

A similar law in New York is still sitting in the transportation committee.