Many Americans wary of self-driving cars

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UNION, N.J. (CBS) Engineer Tristan Carneiro owns a Tesla. The Autopilot feature allows the car to steer and brake by itself. Right now, it's about the closest thing on the market to a self-driving car. But his wife, Jacqueline, has reservations.

"A little scary," she said.

A new AAA study reveals she's not alone. About 70 percent of American drivers say they would be afraid to ride in a fully self-driving vehicle. One reason may be a number of high-profile autonomous vehicle accidents in the past year. But AAA believes that will change.

"Really our expectation is that the technology will improve over time and people will see that that technology is working, whether they are in the car or behind one at a traffic light, they are going to see that that technology is out there and working on the roadway today. Once they have that experience, they'll be more likely to gain that trust," said Greg Brannon of AAA.

Tristan Carneiro believes the more people experience the technology, the more comfortable they will be letting go of the wheel.

The technology is only going to accelerate. Several automakers and tech companies are planning to roll out autonomous vehicles in the coming years.

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