Many companies now rescinding job offers to new college grads

Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 2:59 PM EDT
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Many college graduates face an uncertain future. The pandemic has led to an economic downturn, and even grads who had jobs lined up are seeing them being rescinded.

Sports photographer Devin Wilber says he's always been a go-getter and a planner. Ahead of his May 8 graduation from Oklahoma State, he had everything lined up to launch his career. Then the coronavirus paused most sports and his professional dreams.

"I had verbal offers, that's how they all extended them. They're like, 'Hey, when you graduate in a few weeks, here's what your job title will be,'" Wilber said. "They've all been put on hold. There's a few that have been like, 'We're not hiring anymore.'"

University of Colorado grad Katelyn Skeen is in a similar situation.

"It's stressful and very anxiety-provoking," she said.

In August, Skeen is supposed to move to Florida to begin work with the Walt Disney Company. Now, she's not sure if the job is still available.

"I had everything planned out to a T," she said, "and now those plans aren't happening."

Stacie Jeffirs, the career counseling director at Saint Mary's College in Indiana, says she's busier than ever helping graduates find opportunities after job offers were rescinded.

"We have students reaching out to us that have had their offers, again, canceled," she said.

According to Jeffirs, those headed into industries hardest hit by the coronavirus are having the most trouble.

"Certainly the roles where it's required to be onsite or be face to face with other people, other individuals, those are the positions that we're seeing that our students have had offers canceled," Jeffirs said.

Now, Wilber is chasing any work he can find. He says he will now do a bunch of odd jobs to make money. He hopes one of the companies that had promised him full-time employment will eventually put the offer back on the table.

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