Weinberger calls for carbon pollution fee

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Burlington's mayor says he wants Vermont to lead the nation in the fight against climate change. Now, he's supporting a carbon pollution fee.

Weinberger says the fee should be revenue neutral, which means all money would go back to Vermonters.

He says the fee would push forward all of Vermont's other efforts to decrease carbon emissions and stop the damage climate change is doing without creating a drag on the economy.

Weinberger also announced that he has formed a coalition -- Northeast Mayors for Carbon Pollution Pricing -- that he says will commit to coming up with a price on carbon pollution.

No state has passed a revenue-neutral carbon pollution fee yet and it could face stiff opposition in the Legislature. Gov. Phil Scott says he firmly opposes a carbon tax.

Weinberger is getting support from Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo. Del Pozo said on Twitter that in the coming years, climate change will be a bigger threat to our health and welfare than crime or opioids.

"Burlington should be reassured that we have a mayor taking decisive action now," del Pozo said.