Meghan's Comfort Bags

BARRE, Vt. (WCAX) Following the loss of her daughter to cancer, Meghan Couture's mother, with the help of one young woman, is keeping Meghan's legacy alive through a new initiative.

Molly Hood met Meghan Couture in January 2017, when Molly started dating Meghan's younger brother, Jake.

"She was super kind when I first met her. Super welcoming, especially in her situation," Hood said.

Meghan's situation wasn't a good one. She was in the hospital fighting cancer. It was a fight Meghan lost in May of that year.

"She had a huge heart. I could tell in just the few months that I knew her," Hood said.

Following her passing, Meghan's mom, Deb Caruso, and her best friend created Meghan's Comfort Bags. They're bags that contain full-sized toiletries, bringing the comforts of home to families caring for loved ones at the end of their lives.

"It is certainly something I would have appreciated, basically living in the hospital for three months," Caruso said.

Nearly 30 Meghan's Comfort Bags have been used at the Central Vermont Medical Center. It was an idea inspired in the Sun Room. It's where Meghan Couture spent her final days.

"When we first give them and offer them these bags, most people can't believe that someone would take the time to put this together for them, and they just express a lot of gratitude," said Abbey Rouleau with the Central Vermont Medical Center.

"It warms my heart. It's really who Meghan was. She was just always worried about somebody else, so this is a way to give back," Caruso said.

With the average bag costing about $28, fundraising is needed to continue the comfort. That's where Molly Hood comes in. She organized a benefit a few weeks ago before a Spaulding boys hockey game, challenging Assistant Principal Jim Ferland to wax his legs if she was able to collect $1,000. She raised over $2,300.

"My legs are very smooth down there right now," Jim Ferland said. "She really just epitomized everything we want our students to be, being selfless and thinking about other people and wanting to give back."

"Seeing all the people that were there, they were all donating and coming over and looking at our signs, and it was really awesome," Hood said.

"Molly has been a tremendous support to my family. She's been a tremendous support to my son. Molly embodies a lot of the qualities that Meghan embodied," Caruso added.

We don't know where Molly and Meghan's friendship would have taken them, but we do know that Molly's support has brought a family and community closer to comfort.