MiVT: Circle of Stones

Published: Oct. 15, 2018 at 2:22 PM EDT
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From the Ferrari to the Cannoli, some pretty cool products have come from Italy. One Italian artist has set up shop in Georgia, and her personality is as colorful as her glass fusion artwork.

Sifting powdered glass on her stencil, Maddalena Michetti is getting lost in her latest glass fusion project for her business,

"It's interesting to me, the whole creative process, where when you're creating, you're really transported someplace else," Michetti said. "I move the powders around until I get the desired affect."

Michetti spent parts of her life moving from place to place. She grew up between Torin, Italy, and the French boarder. She lived in San Francisco before settling down in Vermont during the mid '90s. She fell in love with the area after visiting friends that lived in the state.

"Sitting here, working everyday, I look outside, I see trees, I see nature, I see birds and all of that gets incorporated into my work," Michetti said.

She works with compatIble glass, meaning that two or more glasses from different sheets can be successfully fused together without risk of breaking in the kiln. Because it's hand made, no two pieces are exactly alike.

"I love colors. I love the translucency of it," Michetti said.

Rail City Market in St. Albans was the first place to feature Michetti's work. Now you can find her glowing glass pictures at Frog Hollow in Burlington and various craft shows. A chicakdee costs about $28. A small garden $58, and with bigger pieces like her trees starting at $160.

Maddalena isn't the only one who works with glass in this space, she shares it with her husband, Jon, who makes glass beads.

"It's been exciting to watch the success of her work and I've been her biggest cheerleader I think," Zap said. "Sometimes there is the usual conflict of musical interests, but apart from that it's great. I look at her back mostly."

One thing everyone can look at in the glass designs are spirals. They're not there by accident.

"The spiral to me is a symbol of transformation and becoming," Michetti said.

If there's one person that knows about coming into her own, it's Maddalena Michetti. A computer science major from Italy who found comfort in fused glass.