MiVT: A look at 2017

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) The start of the New Year means it's been one year since Scott Fleishman took over the reins of our weekly series, Made in Vermont. As Scott shows us, he had a pretty eventful 2017 covering all different types of Made in Vermont items and the people behind them.

This year we visited with large companies like VT Fresh Pasta and smaller ones such as Sarita's Bagitas.

We started 2017 with Bell Club Apparel and ended it with Birds, Bats and Beyond.

For chocolate fans there was Farmhouse Chocolate Ice Cream and Burke Mountain Confectionary.

Dee-licious Raw provided vegan sweet treats.

Elmore Bread and Vermont Sushi Factory kept it organic.

Dave Sandelman's invention helps cheesemakers, while Doug Cox's violins help musicians make beautiful music.

We had plenty of Made in Vermont artists, from Donna Blatchley's pebble pictures to Laura Shaw's suns brightening up people's day.

802 Coffee is keeping people awake, while Lenny K's books are helping put kids to bed.

Bentwood studios makes unique jewelry while Bent Nail Studio makes unique furniture.

Windham Pottery is homes for plants, Wheel Pad makes temporary homes for folks trying to get back on their feet.

Manchester Woodcraft is a family legacy, Just for Fun woodworking brings this family together.

Peter Huntoon paints a pretty picture of Vermont, the Hunted Comic Book uses Vermont landscapes in its pictures.

The Beacon VT website is getting students jobs while performers at the Vermont Comedy Club are getting laughs.

Interrobang design provided VCC's logo.

There were several other Made in Vermont companies profiled this year, all with interesting stories to tell and creative products they're looking to sell.