MiVT: Ace Castings

COLCHESTER, Vt. (WCAX) We can't tell you what exactly this Vermont company makes for the medical industry. But chances are, if you've been to a hospital, you've probably seen or even used this item that has a component which was cast in Colchester.

Phil Lux owns Ace Castings. A former software designer, Lux bought the business from his father in 1999 when it was called RJJ Castings in Montreal.

"I remember thinking to myself, 'Gee, I've got $3,000 saved up and $2,500 on a credit card, but I'm going to give it a go,'" Lux said.

Lux took the business to South Burlington before eventually moving to Colchester. Back in 2018 we featured Courtney Reckord Jewelry on Made in Vermont. She makes jewelry produced out of Ace Castings.

But after the first couple of years, Lux realized he couldn't be successful just casting jewelry. So, he scanned the internet and found some medical device companies that needed casting.

"Started off with small orders from them, gained some business. Twenty years later -- last year we produced over a half-a-million units for these companies," Lux said.

Many of the components they make for the medical industry are under ownership from companies with non-disclosure agreements. That means Lux isn't able to share information on the product or manufacturing source. But he did tell us they're shipped all around the world.

"Components that we manufacture end up going to our clients. Then our clients assemble the final product and sell that to the medical institutions," Lux said.

That includes Vermont hospitals and even ones in Hollywood. "I've seen people using them in the movies themselves. There's my product sitting there," Lux said.

Jewelry is still produced out of Ace Castings -- it's about 20% of the business while 10% of the business is for specialized precision small parts for other industries like aerospace.

"It was a great journey, it really was, and the discovery part was so much fun. I really enjoyed doing it and building and always improving," Lux said.

Ace Castings -- where small components have been the key in molding this expanding business.