MiVT: Body Logic

A new Williston business is on a bold venture to help heal the skin.

The concoction in this kitchen goes on your body, not in it. "This is a hemp bar soap," said Marta Plociennik, with Body Logic soaps.

All 30 of Body Logic's soaps are all natural and organic. "Every single soap has a different recipe that my mom was able to create," Plociennik said.

Eve Plociennik, Marta's mom, created the product in the hopes of trying to solve the family's dermatology issues. "I had really dry skin. Other people had issues with acne, eczema and psoriasis. We all realized that none of the store brand products were working for us," Plociennik said.

Exactly one year in business, Body Logic's line has spread to different skin products like lip balms and bath milks. They're been sold at various shows, but now are available through the company's brand new website. "The feedback we're getting, it's more than we ever imagined," Plociennik said.

The family even hand-knits face scrubbies and wash cloths. "The wash cloth comes with a little pouch that you can place your soap inside of, and then it also comes with a place for you to put your hand," Plociennik said. "Together this kind of creates the perfect recipe for your skin care routine on a daily basis."

In the place where supper is served comes a formula for super skin.

"This really is the miracle bar," Plociennik said.

Body Logic naturally just makes sense.