MiVT: Burke Mountain Confectionary

EAST BURKE, Vt. (WCAX) What started as a thank you gift to her son's teachers has evolved into a successful business. For the last five years, these Made in Vermont chocolates are melting the hearts of their consumers.

Holiday season also means chocolate season. "This time of year is the craziest time," said Nancy Taylor.

At Burke Mountain Confectionary, Tom and Nancy Taylor are pumping out tray after tray of truffles. The top seller here is a 12 piece maple collection.

"In Vermont, you have to have maple," Tom said.

"We even have a Maple bacon truffle which a lot of people love as well," Nancy said.

Tom and Nancy are originally from Tennessee, but for years they were making frequent trips to Vermont. Finally, about five years ago the two said enough with the heat and humidity down south, making East Burke a permanent home.

"It's been quite the ride, but I can't complain about the commute to work," Tom said.

The Taylors and they're four children live right behind their store. Both had experience running business and they each had a love for food. It's a perfect marriage in the perfect place. "We have this nice space here to be able to open it to the public, invite folks over, but have the freedom to make chocolate when we need to make chocolate," Tom said.

And this time of year, they need to make chocolate -- lots of it. "Slow time we make about 1,500 pieces, average time about 3,000 pieces, but when it's our crazy time of year we do between 4,500-5,000 pieces," Tom said.

Not just truffles either, peppermint bark is a fan favorite. "It's a nice creamy, smooth texture, and it's very flavorful," Nancy said. "It's fun to see people excited about your product and sharing it with their friends and loved ones."

Burke Mountain Confectionary is a busy business right now. "We're flat out right now," Nancy said.

Making sweet treats to say season's greetings.