MiVT: Connor Mill-Built Homes

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. (WCAX) When it came to the construction of his family's new home, Peter Schneider wanted energy efficiency with that classic Vermont feel.

"This is definitely a dream home," Schneider said.

He called on a company that, when it comes to home building, loves to "kit-around."

"We've moved through this framing stage at twice the pace with Connor Mill-Built Homes," Schneider said.

Connor Mill-Built Homes was started two years ago by Mike and Linda Connor.

"There's a lot of changes going on in the construction of homes," said Skip Wyer, the CEO of Connor Mill-Built Homes. "And one of them is a trend toward off-site construction."

The client can choose from their massive portfolio of home designs.

"We'll build a traditional New England farmhouse. That's what we're known for. But we've also reinterpreted some of them to make them modern farmhouses," Wyer said.

After working with the homebuyer on modifying the plans, they're constructed in Middlebury. One side of the factory takes care of the exterior frame; the other handles the interior.

"What I've been blown away by are the people building our homes. The level of skill and craftsmanship that are going into our homes is remarkable," Wyer said.

The panelized kits are shipped to home sites across the country. The local builders do the rest.

Peter Schneider is using Bauheim Builders.

"We have all the resources here locally, even within the Middlebury area, to build a high-performance home with the latest technologies and local materials," Schneider said.

Each piece that goes out is individually labeled with the length of the piece, the name of the client and the corresponding panel number that you can cross-reference with the blueprint. Blue means it's going on the first floor. Green the second floor and red, the third floor.

"The homes that we design and produce, they're very hard to produce again on-site from scratch," Wyer said.

"Connor Mill-Built Homes just brought all those pieces together. We're already feeling like we're achieving our goals here with how are house sits on the landscape," Schneider said.

When it comes to landscape, Connor Mill-Built Homes is changing it, one panel, one kit at at a time.