MiVT: Courtney Reckord Jewelry

Published: Dec. 17, 2018 at 1:51 PM EST
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You could say a former art teacher in Milton is changing the jewelry landscape. Her topographical pieces are not only topics for discussion, they're Made in Vermont.

At Ace Castings in Colchester, they're prepping another batch of Courtney Reckord's jewelry.

"It's something different. It's very unique," said the company's Phil Lux.

A hike on Camel's Hump a few years ago, peaked Reckord's interest in jewelry featuring silhouettes and topography. "It's like a miniature representation of the landscape," Reckord said.

Reckord uses a special program on her home computers in South Burlington. She takes three-dimensional data of a landscape and visualizes it as an actual physical object.

It took about two years for Reckord to perfect her designing process. "But there were definitely many moments when I was frustrated, like, 'This is hard.' And, 'Is any one else going to think this is interesting?'"))

The answer to that question was a resounding yes. She's made necklaces, bracelets, tie clips, cuff links and rings featuring more than 90 different locations from New England to the West Coast and beyond.

"I recently did a wedding ring for a couple in Sri Lanka. I always try to say yes when someone asks me to do something, even if it's something that I haven't tried before, because now that I have the tools, I can really do any location in the world," Reckord said.

"She usually sends me product, designs or orders I would say once every week or two," Lux said.

Once Ace Castings receives Reckord's designs, it takes about 10 steps over three weeks for her to receive her final product.

So after the waxes are placed into a tree, they're cast in plaster. And this is the result -- this is in brass.

All that's left for Reckord to do is to attach any chains or oxidize before shipping them out.

"You always have a place that feels important to you, whether it's where you grew up or where you got engaged or where you went on an amazing vacation. So, you want it to feel meaningful to the person so it has to embody some aspect of that location," Reckord said.

Destinations from miles away brought to life by a jewelry designer and casting company just minutes apart.