MiVT: Douglas Lazarus' hand-drawn maps

BRANDON, Vt. (WCAX) It's a beautiful day for a walk around downtown Brandon. Bernie Carr, the executive director of the Brandon Chamber of Commerce is showing Douglas Lazarus around the newly renovated areas. This is where the creative process begins for Lazarus as these sights are part of his vision.

"I will be doing something that is so old-fashioned, that nobody has seen it in so many years that it's like groundbreaking," he said.

Lazarus is putting together a publication for the town highlighting all of its features, drawing them by hand at his studio in Middlebury.

"I could remember a time when I couldn't read but I can't remember a time when I couldn't draw," he said.

Lazarus moved to Vergennes in the '70s where he worked at a newspaper. Forty years later, he created a booklet for that community.

"If you opened it up and looked at it, it looked like an artist went crazy and did all these drawings," he said.

The Vergennes booklet caught the attention of Carr who wanted one done to highlight the $30 million facelift for Brandon.

"I'm going to give it my 110%," Lazarus promised.

The town paid for Lazarus to start the project; the rest of his salary will come from the businesses that advertise in the booklet.

"I think it's going to be a pretty nice piece to become almost a keepsake for having completed this segment six project," Carr said.

"There's a piece of cover art. There's a flap which is going to show area attractions and then the map itself which is drawings of the buildings, then the map of the town, matching it with numbers," Lazarus explained.

Lazarus hopes to finish his hand-drawn maps of Brandon by the start of the fall, which means soon, they'll be available at places like the Brandon Inn and the visitors center.

"I'm very impressed with so many beautiful touches that they're putting in. That town is going to be stunning," Lazarus said.

After Brandon, Middlebury will be the next town to draw on the services of this talented, old-school artist.