MiVT: Ekovisions

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) The Burlington sunset and Photographer Kelly O'Neal just seem to click.

"I am dancing around with the camera, moving it around and looking at it to see if it's what I wanted," O'Neal explained. "Sometimes I'm moving straight across. Sometimes a little bit more wiggly."

Her method results in calming, colorful images.

"When I move the camera, it blends together and you get lots of different things going on in the photo and it makes it much more interesting," O'Neal said.

It's an idea she came up with while taking pictures of her plants while living in Boston.

"When I moved to Burlington, I sort of fell in love with the sunsets here because they're so amazing and they really lend themselves well to this technique," she said.

O'Neal created Ekovisions about eight years ago, turning her photos into sellable artwork, which include matted prints, larger portraits and meditation collection cards-- 52 different images with the name of each piece on the back.

"So people will use these for mindfulness, intention setting, that kind of thing," she said.

O'Neal worked with Burlington City Arts to get her art into the UVM Medical Center and into the Burlington International Airport. Pieces have been at the airport since April.

"I love when people see my work and enjoy it," she said. "People assume that they're paintings because they look more like paintings than photographs, and then I have to explain to them what I'm doing and what it looks like."

What Kelly O'Neal is doing, in her way, is capturing calm-- photos at dusk where the difference isn't in the details.