MiVT: Elmore Mountain Bread

WOLCOTT, Vt. (WCAX) Who doesn't look forward to the bread you get at a restaurant before a big meal? Several restaurants use bread made by one Vermont couple, produced at their home, the old-fashioned way.

There's something natural and nutritious baking in this Wolcott brick oven.

"The bread I'm taking out now is the Vermont Redeemer. It's 100-percent Vermont wheat bread," said Blair Marvin.

Fourteen years ago Marvin and Andrew Heyn purchased Elmore Mountain Bread. At the time, neither one of them knew how to bake one loaf, let alone the 700 loaves they now produce twice a week.

"Seven different varieties of bread. We always do our country and baguettes and focaccia, and then the rest of the breads rotate daily," Marvin said. "We just learned, taught ourselves, learned from our mistakes and have just kind of put the pieces together over the years."

"We both worked at restaurants. This is a new opportunity that came up, and we wanted to try something different. We gave it a shot and it's worked out fine," said Andrew Heyn.

To the point now where Elmore Mountain Bread is using Vermont grain and mills the flour themselves on site, keeping the techniques traditional. "One of the issues people have with bread is the way that it's processed," Heyn said.

"We want to pull out the flavors that are in the grain more, and it's an exciting way to be a baker," Marvin said.

While Elmore Mountain Bread isn't open to the public, you might have had it in a restaurant in either Washington or Lamoille County. After the bread is baked, Blair and Andrew hand deliver them to 17 restaurants in Montpelier, Johnson, Hardwick, Waterbury, and Stowe.

"Whenever I go to deliver the bread the next delivery round, if there's nothing left -- which is generally the case -- that's the greatest compliment," Marvin said.

"It's nice that people are recognizing all the hard work we've done over the years," Heyn said.

With its local ingredients and classic system in place, Elmore Mountain Bread rises above the rest.