MiVT: Glass Rooster Jewelry

MILTON, Vt. (WCAX A bracelet she wanted was too expensive, so one Vermont woman decided to make it herself. Her Made in Vermont Jewelry is as unique as her company's name.

On a trip to Dallas, Texas three years ago Olivia Labrecque discovered the latest fashion fad -- wrap bracelets.

"This is just one length. It just wraps around your wrist," Labrecque said. "The cowgirls had them around their boots. They wore them as necklaces."

With those bracelets going for as much as $200 apiece, Labrecque thought she could create her own at a more affordable price. After making one, she posted it on her Facebook page. "Pretty soon I was getting messages from people that I totally didn't know who they were, total strangers asking to make wrap bracelets for them as gifts," she said

Her company is called Glass Rooster Jewelry, named for the glass rooster she has on top of her fridge. "It's unique. It's different," she said.

The home of Glass Rooster Jewelry is also the home to Labrecque's four chickens, named after the Golden Girls.

One of the cool things about the chickens is that one of them lays a light blue egg, and the other a dark chocolate egg, which is fitting because she uses those same color beads in her wrap bracelets. "I just like the way they look. They're pretty. It's a statement piece," she said.

They can be purchased through the company's Facebook page and at craft shows. "My favorite is to make them custom for people," she said.

Accessories discovered in the south and brought to life up North -- that's the wrap on Glass Rooster Jewelry.