MiVT: Goldun Custom Creations

SHREWSBURY, Vt. (WCAX) She went on a trail ride as a kid and has been hooked on horses ever since. Now the Shrewsbury woman is hooking up other horse owners with unique horse hair jewelry that's made in Vermont.

Julia Adams has been taking care of horses before she was a teenager. Today, she has two of them, Gus and Houdie.

"It's something that you literally put your heart and soul into -- training them and taking care of them -- and one of the first rules that you're taught is that the horse comes first," Adams said.

When she was 12, Adams' family adopted an retired race horse named Anson. He was later went to a facility in South Carolina. Adams found photos of him on the facility's Facebook page.
Knowing that she'd probably never see him again, she asked the owner to send her some hair from Anson's tail. Adams was going to send the hair to a company in Pennsylvania to have it turned into a bracelet so she could always have a piece of Anson with her.

"And then when it got here, I looked at it and went, 'I can do that,'" Adams said.

And she did. She also made a bracelet for her boarder. The boarder posted the pictures of it on social media and it went viral.

"It's kind of snowballed a little bit -- which is fantastic and I love it. It's completely relaxing to do it," she said.

Much like a racehorse, Goldun Custom Creations has taken off. Since opening up in January, Adams has sold over 150 items.

Some people are hurting and they've lost an animal and they send you tail that they cut when they passed away. So that's kind of special, knowing that they'll always have something," Adams said.

It's not just bracelets, Adams also makes key chains and rings. They range from $10 to $100 dollars. Half of her customers are local, the other half are from all across the country, reaching out to Adams through Goldun Custom Creations' Facebook page and website.

"Every client that I have, I ask that they send me a picture of their horse and tell me a little something about them, so that I get to know who I'm working with," she said.

Which is only fitting, since it was a picture that inspired Julia Adams to create jewelry, keeping horses closer to the heart.