MiVT: Grandstand Apparel

Published: Apr. 27, 2020 at 3:33 PM EDT
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If you've participated in sports in the White River Junction area, you've probably worn something that he's produced. But during these times with no sports taking place, he's helping other business produce results with his Made in Vermont T-shirts.

Gregg Nalette started Grandstand Apparel 10 years ago out of necessity. An AAU basketball coach at the time, he was asked to pick up his team's uniforms, but they weren't ready. "When that happened I said, there's a need for this," Nalette said.

He used his coaching connections to start making team uniforms for schools, but he wasn't just interested in sports jerseys, he started doing promotional items. "I like hearing about other businesses and how I can help them get their message out," Nalette said.

The screen printing and embroidery are done at his shop in White River Junction. Items range from popsockets to pens, hats and tees.

"We just don't like to put the ink on the shirt, we like to find out -- what are you looking to get out of the shirt? What's the story you're trying to tell with the shirt? And then we try to match them with the appropriate apparel," Nalette said.

The field at Clifford Park in West Hartford would normally be packed with Park and Rec league players wearing Grandstand Apparel, but with the ongoing pandemic, that's not possible. So, Gregg made a new game plan, one that gives local businesses a boost. "When these things happen, you try and figure out what you can do in these times," Nalette said.

The idea was as simple as a message on a shirt -- "Here for Good." Upper Valley businesses promote the shirts to their customers.

"This pandemic for me kind of opened my eyes to see how much everything is intertwined with each other and that will be a bonus if it generates something out of that. But really, I was just looking to make my mark and helping out where I could," Nalette said.

For the last decade, Nalette has been producing symbols of team spirit. But these days, his gear is needed to help the community. That's what you call a team player.