MiVT: Heart of Vermont

BARRE, Vt. (WCAX) A toxic-free sleep sounds pretty sweet, and an organic bedding company is making this Made in Vermont dream come true.

People rely on Jacqueline Flood for a good night's sleep.

"Yeah, I have my customers and I have people that call and say, 'I'm so glad that you're there. We can't find anything that I can sleep on,'" Flood said.

She took over Heart of Vermont in 2011 after working for the company several years prior. "Everything's made right here -- cut from the fabric and we sew it," Flood said.

The company's organic bedding provides a non-toxic sleeping space for those who are chemically sensitive. Heart of Vermont uses organic Texas cotton for its filling and fabric. The bedding is as comfortable as it is safe from chemicals.

"It would be cheaper if we used organic filler but not organic cotton, but that wouldn't help anybody," said Flood's daughter, Sara Gosselin. She had a bad back during her early teenage years. She came to work one day with her mom and they made a futon. "I have a picture of me at 14 laying on top of my bed on this very table. Our futons basically are a giant stuffed pillow, but because they are tufted they give you that nice firm support. And so it supported my back and got rid of my back problems."

You may have seen one or two commercials for that other pillow. Well, Heart of Vermont has "Our Pillow." It's 100-percent pure wool in an organic cotton casing.

"My favorite part of the pillow is when you beat it to try and get everything in. I like to try and scare my mom," Gosselin said.

The "Our Pillow" is just one of about 340 products that are produced by Heart of Vermont. Orders can be placed through the company's website and have been shipped all over the world. The pillows cost about $130, queen sheets are around $300, and mattresses around $3,000. While some of Flood's customers can't put a price on a great sleeping experience, Flood doesn't sleep until her customers' needs are met.

"There have been nights where she has been here at 10 o'clock at night working to get somebody's order out, and then she'll be right back again in the morning so she can get something out faster. It really matters to her," Gosselin said.

"I can't quit. I have to keep doing it -- I do. These people that it -- they appreciate it, they really appreciate it," Flood said.

Flood has been the heart of The Heart of Vermont for years, giving folks a reason to rest easy.