MiVT: Interrobang Design Collaborative

RICHMOND, Vt. (WCAX) A Vermont design company is celebrating a major milestone. After providing many of the logos for companies we've featured on Made in Vermont, it's time to turn the tables.

Ever swig a Switchback or clapped at the Vermont Comedy Club? Then you've probably noticed their logos and labels. Well, they were designed at a home in Richmond.

"We're two people in a barn," said Lisa Sylvester, who along with her husband Mark, created Interrobang Design 20 years ago.

"We ask a ton of questions. That's the interro, interrogation part of it, and the bang is the design," Mark Sylvester said

The two met in 1983 as freshmen in a graphic design class at a college in Philadelphia.

"I think I knew we were going to be married right off the bat. I don't think that he knew that," Lisa said.

"I got a great design education and I found, my life," Mark said. "Most days it's still fun, and most days it's still rewarding in not only what we do, but how we see our clients grow their business."

A perfect example of that is one of Interrobang's first clients.

"The Swtichback Ale label-- we've been lucky in the sense that we really proved that blue can be a stop sign," Mark said.

Mark and Lisa not only work with commercial clients, they also work with nonprofits like STEPS to End Domestic Violence here in Burlington.

"We were looking for a logo that was clean and simple and didn't have a lot of fluff with it, that really got straight to the point, and I think they achieved that. One of the great achievements of the logo is that the wording gets smaller in size as you go down and the color gets lighter, so it implies a reduction in domestic violence just visually through the logo and we just love that," said STEPS' Kelly Dougherty.

"That's really rewarding work because the work that they do is so important," Lisa said.

After two decades, you could label Interrobang a success, thanks to a husband and wife who treat design as part of their lives.