MiVT: Brushwork Studio

CAMBRIDGE, Vt. (WCAX) Something we can rely on to cheer us up during the current crisis, is the picturesque views across our region. For a quarter of a century, one woman has been capturing those scenes on canvas for Made in Vermont works of art.

A peaceful view of Mount Mansfield is how artist Julie Davis gets peace of mind.

"I like the process of it. I like working with my hands. I love being alone. I love being outside. I love the whole idea of creating things out of nothing," Davis said.

Creating things out of nothing doesn't just describe Davis' work, it's really a reflection of her career as an artist. A former official for the city of Burlington and lobbyist, she received painting lessons in Burlington as a Christmas present 25 years ago. "I was hooked," she said.

Davis went on to earn a scholarship to the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson. "They don't teach you there, but you have your own studio and you're surrounded by 60 artists and they feed you, they give you a studio and a place to live, so all you do is focus on art, and it's fantastic," Davis said.

Eventually she started a studio and about three years ago moved to Cambridge.

"Sometimes I paint long hours into the night. I go out and paint in nice weather all the time, and in the winter. I paint in the winter outside," Davis said.

A typical painting takes about two days. Of course, you have to factor in the wind and the sun when you're outdoor painting. Davis says the later in the day, the better. "The sun is moving very fast and you're cold. You paint very fast with big brushes and other times, I'll paint very differently," she said.

Her very different styles of paintings are all over the walls of her home. Her artwork is also featured in the Bryan Memorial, Artist Medium and Arthound galleries. They range in price from $200 to $5,000.

"It used to be painting was something like cooking, cleaning, painting. But now it's a habit," Davis said.

A fixation for the canvas with a touch of tranquility.