MiVT: Madeleine's Bakery

Published: Jul. 1, 2019 at 1:25 PM EDT
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From cupcakes and cannolis to specialty treats, you can find it all at Madeleine's Bakery in Milton. The owner had to take a wholesale leap to get her Made in Vermont business off the ground, and so far she's had sweet success.

It's the start of the weekend at Madeleine's Bakery in Milton, which means they go nuts for doughnut. Owner Erika Brice is taking care of the cake donuts while Cassandra Longe is on yeast doughnut duty.

"Donut day is pretty crazy," said Madeleine's owner, Erika Brice.

"It's our busiest days for doughnuts the whole week," said Cassandra Longe, who works in the shop.

The process gets in full swing early Friday morning with their yeast and cake doughnuts. "One is a batter. One is a dough," said Brice, who is taking care of the cake doughnuts.

Erika Brice: These get deposited into a hopper and then dropped in the fryolator.

Reporter Scott Fleishman: You remind me of an orchestra conductor leading the way.

A pastry chef for all of her adult life, Brice said she started the bakery about five years ago, but she needed to sell her items wholesale right away in order to stay afloat. "We had to grow the business outside of Milton and that's when it took off," she said.

You can now find Madeleine's Bakery products in about 50 stores across the state, including the Jiffy Mart on Kennedy Drive in South Burlington. Brice and Jodi McCarthy hand deliver all the goods.

"It's cool. It makes the days go by fast. I get to work with my best friend, whom I'm very, very proud of and I'm happy to be with her in this journey," McCarthy said.

"Everything kind of sells itself with how it appears. We try to use local ingredients, fresh ingredients as often as we can," Brice said.

Brice said there's really no story behind the name, Madeleine's Bakery. She wanted something that would stand out and sound a little French. "It's always everybody's dream, but I never imagined it would be mine. So, it's pretty great. I'm pretty proud of it," she said.

Cassandra Longe is on yeast doughnut duty. She's been working with Brice since she took over the bakery. "I admire her. I hope to be an owner of a bakery one day too. So, she's put a lot of influence on that and I look up to that," Longe said.

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