MiVT: Mags Bonham Really Unique Creations

BLTON, Vt. (WCAX) A TV show about crafts inspired one woman to "hop" to it nearly two decades ago. Since then her Made in Vermont creations have brewed success across the globe.

This is Barley, and that was a pretty neat trick with a treat. Barley's owner, Mags Bonham, performs her own tricks, only hers are with polymer clay.

"It's a fabulous medium because there's so much you can do with it," Bonham said.

Her specialty is making hops -- fitting for a state that specializes in craft beer. "We are definitely a beer family. Pretty much our whole lives revolve around beer," Bonham said.

She started selling her earrings at the Alchemist several years ago, thanks to the connection Mags and her husband have with the Kimmich Family, the brewery's co-founders. "They immediately sold out and then it just kept snowballing and so we did necklaces and keychains," Bonham said.

The hops have been sold all over the world thanks to her Etsy page. At one point they even ended up in the Anheuser-Busch gift store. "It's just been fun. It's been a lot of fun," she said.

When she first started Mags Bonham Really Unique Creations 20 years ago, she was using cookie cutters to make her hops. Now she uses a digital cuter for a more precise look.

When Bonham isn't making her hops, she's dabbling in other items like seem rippers for quilters. She's also teaching classes on how to work with polymer clay. "I know I have this base, so I can play with this for a couple of weeks and then I can take a week to do something very artistic to help me with my creative soul," she said.

Her hops jewelry ranges between $20 and $40 and if there's something else you want to put a hop-on, Bonham will try and do it. "Anytime I can think of anything that's going to look like a hop, I'll pretty much give it a try and see if it flies," she said.

Mags Bonham's Really Unique Creations -- where a hop around the neck can give anyone an extra hop in their step.